Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 18 - Julie Mies Reigning Queen

How could you not love March Madness?  I had our entire family in a trash-talking texting uproar last weekend at the whimsical mention of an upset, or two, or three.  Mercer was my favorite of the tournament, I love watching Duke and Mike Krzyzewski lose.  Those poor announcers thought for sure their precious Duke would pull thru and not be embarrassed by 14th ranked Mercer.  

So this post isn't really just about Duke losing, it's more about how to make the most of March Madness and then use it to your advantage for the next 365 days.  As you saw in my title, I am Julie Mies, Reigning Queen of the 2013 NCAA Family March Madness Pool.  There are a few family members that don't like to recognize the authority of my title.  It's ok, I will remind them as often as possible while I still can.

While deep down, I do believe 2013 was a fluke and I just got lucky in our round by round family pool, it was so enjoyable to taunt everyone that I decided to get them fired up again this year.  Not that he wasn't already, but apparently my nephew Dain became obsessed with studying and changing his picks to come up with the perfect bracket. The wrong upsets last weekend were making him crazy.  Nephew Darin has been most concerned with topping the dog (Bella has proven to be a contender again this year, tied for #2, she can't be over-looked).  What he shouldn't have over-looked was his baby sister passing him by and taking her seat at the top.  Then there's the tall skinny girl who happens to be a good trash talker, not to be outdone by the giggling girls in my living room after the ND State upset.

I'm pretty sure there has to be a value in teaching our kids about healthy competition.  Well, maybe not in every single aspect of their lives (sorry girls, I'll try to tone it down one of these days).  I have to mention I'm very proud of Samantha for taking the initiative to start her own pool this year with her friends.  I'll brag a little by noting that she is winning the pool, most importantly the one boy in the pool is getting beat by five girls:)
Dain Richie
"Hey Julie who did you have winning again?....... Oh that's right Witchita St.!".  

Thanks for keeping me in my place, Dain.  I'm still the reigning queen.  All in the name of good fun. 

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