Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 14 - Oh My Dog!

These were my exact words this morning when daylight revealed what my dog had been up to while we were gone this weekend.  I found it odd that there was no mail in my mailbox last night.  Somehow my dog, who's shock collar does not reach the mailbox, was able to spread at least 10 pieces of mail across our yard over the weekend.  I'm sorry if you've mailed us something and we never respond.  The dog ate it.  

More disheartening than the mail was the Christmas package that I've been waiting for over the past 2 weeks that was not tracked to arrive until Monday.  Thanks Fed Ex for delivering on Saturday....  Luckily the box was much more entertaining than the present, which is still salvageable.

I couldn't write this blog without dedicating one day to my dog.  She has so much fun I think she was the inspiration for the word.  And now for our top 10 Bella stories....

Bella's Top 10 - All in the Name of Good Fun

#10 - She learned how to jump on top of her dog house like snoopy.  Now every time there is a chance that someone might walk by it, she jumps on top in case that person might like to pet her at eye level as they pass.

#9 - She is highly competitive and will win every tug of war contest.  Usually she drags us across the yard before we give in to her.

#8 - Bella loves to fetch, especially in water.  We took her to Scheels during the weekend of the Dog Jumping contest to test out the waters during free time.  She started a show of her own and enticed a small crowd just to watch her jump.  She was pretty sure she established celebrity status by the end of the day. 

#7 - Bella found Ted's iPhone on the floor of the shop.  Her first and only kind gesture with regards to objects that don't belong to her, she delivered the iPhone to our back doorstep without a scratch.

#6 - She loves the Fed Ex drivers. They give her a bone AND leave her a present.  It's always a race to beat Bella to the box.  She seems to be dominating the playing field these days.  

#5 - Bella's hind legs are solid muscle.  She runs with such enthusiasm she has a hard time stopping herself.  We had several stalks of corn missing this summer from our end rows by the house.  Bella would mow them over chasing cats into the corn.

#4 - Bella's favorite spot in the whole wide world is the backseat of our jeep.  She knows that the jeep will take her fun places and it's very difficult to get her out once she's there.  I've driven into the garage to find her sitting in the backseat by herself, just hanging out.  She sat there for the entire afternoon of the water party not wanting to miss out on a ride back to the pasture.

#3- She stole a farm employee's gloves when he wasn't looking and had him chasing her around the yard for a good 5 minutes before he coaxed them out of her mouth.

#2 - She found a pink highlighter and managed to color her own toenails.

#1 - Bella goes to great lengths to avoid being contained.  As a pup she dug under the sheep pen to escape.  She also dug thru the rock in the machine shed to get out.  We went through 2 insufficient wireless shock collars that didn't slow her down on the highest level.  After Ted called the manufacturer for the third time, they sent the highest powered underground containment system they offered.  Conveniently, Bella was waiting by the door when the Fed Ex man showed up to deliver it.  She managed to chew thru the box and 1/2 of the wire before we got home to find it.  Unfortunately for her, it ultimately made her containment area smaller and did finally do it's job.

They say dogs resemble their owners.  So which one of us does she resemble most?  I know my vote.

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