Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day 15 - The Prequel to our Best Night Ever

There may be some controversy out there, or even unnecessary sympathy for the Richies.  I just wanted to clear that all up by shedding some light on events leading up to our best night ever.

You see, a few years back we decided to host Samantha's entire grade for a Halloween Party at our house.  After hours of planning and help from friends and family, we were ready to host a memorable night for the 4th graders.  We had Fiona the Fortune Teller, a haunted zombie cemetery, Dr. Guts and the gross body parts, the mystery of the missing combine, apple bobbing and other games, and Ted even built a pumpkin catapult.  During the pumpkin launching, my lovely little niece Eva came up and asked me for some toilet paper.  I thought she might be referring to the toilet paper for the mummy wrap game and didn't think any further about it.  I did have 30 fourth graders in my backyard and was somewhat pre-occupied at that moment.  Little did I know what that five-year-old and her zombie family members were up to.

On went the party.  We had a mystery to solve, so we loaded all of the kids onto a hayrack and headed to the farm to find our combine thief.  As we pulled back into our front yard, I realized we'd been teepeed by the Zombie/Richie Family!...while we were in our backyard!...with our own toilet paper!  Clever.  A job well done, and I commended them for their efforts.

We took our time working out our retaliation strategy.

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