Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day 16 - Best Night Ever

I gave Ted a high five as he hopped into the car.  We sat for a moment admiring our handiwork and then proclaimed in unison, "best night ever!"

Rewind 4 hours...Anna Richie stopped by to drop off a few items for Amber's 4th Grade Spooky Soirée Halloween Party and to check out the decorations.  I gave her the rundown on how her Zombie Family was going to be responsible for this year's murder mystery.  When the truck and hayrack drove up behind the shed, they were to act out a scene pulling Amber off of the rack and drag her away as their next victim.  I'm a horrible liar, so when Anna bought into my story and headed home to get into costume, I was giddy with retaliation adrenaline.  The guests began to arrive, key parents were given privileged information, and the party began.  Everyone embraced our "mystery game" and enjoyed the party festivities.  It was somewhat of a duplicate of Samantha's party with a few fun additions.  

And then it was time to load the kids onto the hayrack to "hunt down our murderer."  My older zombie niece Calyssa Richie was determined to ride in the back of the truck to scare the party guests along the way, so I had to take some extra time explaining the importance of her role behind the shed.  We got out of the driveway leaving the zombies behind and headed down the road to the farm.  On our first stop at the old town hall, several parents were parked and waiting for us.  I revealed to the kids that the murder mystery was a cover up story and the night was about to get really good.  We were taking them all to seek revenge against the evil Zombie family by teepeeing their yard.  30 fourth graders and some parents enthusiastically piled into cars and drove 2 miles down the road to the Zombie/Richie yard to even up the scorecard.  We sent the hayrack driver on with an empty rack.

Once we pulled into the Richie's 10 acre yard, we parked our cars with headlights facing the entire yard, gathered the kids in for quick instructions, and passed out 60 rolls of Cottonelle toilet paper (always get the good stuff, it flies better).  As I myself ran thru the yard throwing toilet paper high into the sky, I heard several young voices yelling things like, "I've never done this before", "this is the BEST PARTY EVER", "is this legal?", and "Mrs. _______ is really good at this". 

5 minutes was all it took to decorate the Richies yard, thanks to the highly energized 4th grade class. We rounded everyone back into cars and gave them instructions not to talk to the zombies, if they were questioned, just answer that they fell off of the hayrack and the parents had to drive them home.  Excellent actors and actresses we have in the Waverly 4th Grade!  They played their parts with perfection.

As Ted and I were getting back into the car, we found a few untouched rolls of toilet paper on the ground and Ted couldn't resist letting them serve their intended purpose.  Later I learned that one of the kids was observing him and commented to her mother, "Ted sure looks happy."

Back at our house, the Zombies were playing up their part with true Richie acting skills.  They crept up in the cornfield as the hayrack came closer, and closer, and realize there were no kids!  They demanded answers from the driver, who gave them nothing.  By the time our carloads arrived back at the house, they were confused, upset, and in frustration had even stolen the 2 roles of toilet paper from  our house and attempted to teepee our front yard again (the rest of our stock was well hidden, we learned our lesson).  We gave them our "story" about falling off the hayrack and they left disappointed and still confused. 

Wait for it...ding, there's the text.  The Richies are home:).  The score is tied, for now.

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