Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 1 - The Attention Getter

The setting: University of Illinois, Fall 1995, Presby House dining room with my incredibly brilliant, spunky and full of life friend Sasha Thompson. Were we Pondering the meaning of life and how to solve world Racking our brains trying to figure out how to get the attention of that incredibly hot junior transfer at FarmHouse Fraternity...yep. Think, think, think. Ding!!! Sasha recalled a little sprock her father had told her about a few years before and it seemed to be the perfect fit for our current predicament.

 We put our plan into action. This incredibly hot FarmHouse junior transfer happened to have a nice looking truck, which would be our target. Eighteen years later my memory is a little foggy, but I think the classified ad we submitted read a little something like this, "Moving, must sell. 1990 Chevy Silverado Shortbed Black, great condition. $10,000, or best offer. Call Ted 344-4069." Apparently Sasha and I were pretty good at this sales and marketing gig because the calls started rolling in! By the end of the first day in ink, the ad drew in a long list of phone calls for that hot junior transfer, of which he had no clue why he was getting. And NO, he was not interested in selling his truck for half of what it was worth! The calls continued for several days, and eventually he pin-pointed the culprit of the sprock. Mission successful! Now brace for retaliation.

 Thanks to the lovely and beautiful Holly Spangler, I've decided to join in on the 30 Day blogging challenge. Sometimes it feels like life throws you a lot of bad apples, maybe even by the bucket. So my thoughts were to pull out some sprocks, challenges and such that we've enjoyed over the years here at Mies Farms to stir up a chuckle or two while we try to wrap up the 2013 harvest, all in the name of good fun. This post is a tribute to you Sasha Thompson-Blackford, I can still hear your awesome little chuckle all the way from Heaven.Day 2


  1. This is hysterical. I was hoping I'd see you play in the Alumni band at homecoming this year. But, I didn't see you. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. I love that you joined Holly's fun! Can't wait to read more!