Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 2 - Retaliation

A sprock is only good if it requires retaliation.  I'm not sure exactly how the conversation went down that night at FarmHouse, but I'm guessing a little something like this.

"Hey bud, I need your help.  We're going to put a sheep in Julie's room."
"Huh?  Ok, I'm in."

And so they did just that.  Conveniently, I was out studying at the library that night, so they had plenty of time to get the sheep to my 3rd floor room.  I was told later that sheep are not particularly fond of climbing fire escapes. But, given 3 young farmers with a mischievious goal, you might as well just stay out of their way.  And then there they were, three men, a sheep, and my gracious roommate.  "So...when do you think she might be home?"  

I did eventually make it home, and I believe their efforts and patience paid off as they were quite pleased with the look on my face when I came thru the door.  It's not every day that you're greeted by a live sheep in the middle of your pretty pink carpet.  I should mention I was very impressed they made the extra effort to put plastic down.

You think we're even now, right?  We've only just begun.

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