Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 9 - What kind of a Crew did you send me?

This story just makes me smile thinking about it.  Planting season went a little long this year.  It was a race to try to finish before the girls got out of school for the year, Ted lost.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  Throwing in the white flag, Ted called a farmer friend to plant a field he'd been having trouble getting to due to spotted rainfall and his current proximity away from this farm.  The friend quickly agreed to help out.  Needing just a bit of backup support to help get his planter loaded and moving, he called Ted asking if he could send anyone.  All the manpower was a good distance away, and I was working in St. Louis that day, so no help either.  I suggested Ted call our girls and the babysitter, so he did and they were happy to help.  Ted recalling the friend's version of the story is what tickles me most.  I should paint a quick picture of the friend, a big guy, hard worker, lifetime farmer, has a young son and no daughters.   "I didn't know what the heck you were sending me.  Three girls pull up in a convertible with the music blaring, I'm thinking this job is going to take twice as long now.   They hop out and the older one starts tossing seed bags up to the younger two who have a system of opening and dumping the bags already started.  These girls are better help than most of high school boys I work with!"  

Farm girls, that's what we're raising.  And a special thanks to our country girl babysitter for being a good sport, filling planters, washing sheep, chasing cows.  Hope you enjoyed your summer!

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