Friday, November 15, 2013

Day 10 - Game On

We were sitting around enjoying the Summer Olympics on a quiet peaceful Saturday afternoon when Ted decided we needed to stop being lazy and get off the couch.  He was inspired by the heptathalon event we were watching and we decided to create our own.  Call the Richies, game on.

There are two things you should know about our family, if you don't already.
1. We function best in spontaneous mode.  
2. Everything is a competition.

So we give the Richie Family approximately 20 minutes forewarning, and this is what they show up in.  Geesh!  We will never win the best dressed competition with them around, that's for sure.


The first annual Mies Farms Heptathalon consisted of 7 events.  There would be an adult and a kids division, and the winner gets bragging rights until the next year.

The first event was the 50ish yard dash.  I'm not much of a runner, and the other adults are, so I didn't have high hopes to rake in the points here.  Ted, had a very strong desire to win the 50ish yard dash and came out of the blocks strong, 10 steps into the race, he let out a loud yelp as he pulled his hamstring.  We all hesitated to see if he was ok.  Luckily my remaining competition consisted of 2 doctors who were sworn by oath to help those in need.  I saw that Ted wasn't laying on the ground in pain, but still limping along, so I took advantage of the diversion and dashed on to take second place in the race!  Woo hoo!!!  Julie Mies! slowest runner on the track team is on the board!  Ted still really hasn't let me live down my lack of sympathy for his pain.  

Other events included cycling, discus, javelin throw, swimming, and sack races.  Kayaking was cancelled after the injury, we were down on manpower for hauling equipment.

My all-time favorite little competitor has to be Dain Richie.  Outside of my husband, my most favorite person in the world to compete against is my 10-year-old nephew Dain.  From the first day he could toss a ball, it was evident that he had natural talents.  But his feisty competitiveness makes it so fun to taunt him with a game.  He will compete for anything and everything, all I have to say is "I bet I can beat you at...."  He and I are not blood related, but I'm sure we have the same blood type.  So, when I jumbled up the point value for each place in the heptathalon events, it made him crazy trying to figure out how his little sister had the most points when he won the first event and she came in last.  Random nonsense points were assigned to each place.  So even if you were the winner, it didn't necessarily mean you would receive the most points in that event.  You had to check out the point value before the event to figure out which place would be most advantageous to your overall total.  Surely I could somehow rig this thing to have a fighting chance at victory.

I didn't win the 1st ever Mies Farms Heptathalon, that darn Bill Richie did.  Oh well, there's always the next competition we can dream up.

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