Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 8 - Water Party

So my addition to the summer bucket list was for the girls to "plan a party."  Check!  We are sailing through this 'parental checklist' at lightning speed.  They might just be ready for independence by the time Amber turns 10!

Me, being one who has had some experience organizing parties for student council, as a social chair, a parent, a volunteer, and even during my professional career, rather enjoyed the opportunity to sit back and watch other family members take on the role. 

Several lessons here:  sisters having to "agree" upon a party theme and the attendee list, creating an invitation, a list of activities to entertain the guests, the food, the date and time.  They're actually pretty good, they've been paying attention.  The theme, Water Party, the date next hot dry Saturday, take your pick this summer.  Activities included water balloons, water guns, capture the old sheep trophy under the sprinkler, slip n slide...and then dad stepped in.  Long ago in our very first Christmas letter, I nick-named him Extreme Ted.  For good reason, I think it's why we fit together so well.  He comes up with extreme ideas and I help pull them off.  Our best is yet to come in a later blog, the timing isn't right yet.  

Ok, back to the slip n slide, and the word extreme.  Hey girls, instead of a slip n slide in the yard, let's make a giant slip n slide down the big hill in the pasture.  We can pump the water out of the pond and use it for the slide!  Really, we can do that?  Ok!!!  Let's invite some more people to this party:).  One of the benefits of living on a farm is the long list of odd things you have access to when you want to build something extreme.  Black tarp, an old pump, 3" wide hoses, leftover pieces of plastic tile.  The dish soap was a last minute addition.  It didn't go as fast as he'd hoped, but that was probably a good thing.  The memories created that day will be plenty big, even without lightning speed.

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