Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 4 - Transfer of Knowledge

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I've recognized the need to alter the rules of this 30 Day Blog Challenge.  I will eventually blog on thirty calendar days, they just may not be consecutive.  

Following up from Day 2, many more sprocks were initiated between Ted and I before we finally started dating.  I teepeed his truck in front of FarmHouse.  He teepeed my room and froze my underwear.  I took all of his clothes, except the underwear of which I wrote the words "buns of steel" on with fabric paint.  And, at 2:30am, I learned that his National Guard uniform was the most critical piece of his wardrobe to him that weekend, he was in quite a panic to get it back.  I don't recall a sprock that went on without retaliation. 

Eventually we married and joined forces, which is even better than plotting against each other.  Along came the children and as good parents would, we felt it was our responsibility to bring them up right and transfer important knowledge to them.  So, when Samantha was around three years of age, we decided it was time for her initiation.  We racked her out of bed one fall around 11pm, helped her dress in dark colors from head to toe, and took her out into the night to her aunt and uncle's front yard.  There we handed her a roll of toilet paper and began teaching her the basics of teepeeing, and the importance of not getting caught.  I'm pretty sure she didn't even remember it the next morning, but we felt good about the training session.  Thank you to the Richie's for providing the perfect training grounds.

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