Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 12 - Thanksgiving Brady Bunch Style

Ok, without using Google, who can sing this song by heart...GO!

Here's the story of a lovely lady
who was bring up three very lovely girls,
All of them had hair of gold like their mother,
The youngest one in curls.....

How do the Brady's have anything to do with Thanksgiving, you might be asking yourselves?  Quite honestly, I have no idea.  But that has been declared the theme of this year's Thanksgiving at the Richie home.  And so, if we want to eat turkey, I guess we need to find some 70's attire to wear to dinner.  Anyone have some totally rad 70's clothes you'd loan to me so I can try for that best dressed award?

The last Thanksgiving at the Richie House called for Pilgrims and Indians.  All of us being Illini fans, we thought the Indians would dominate Thanksgiving dinner.  But as it turns out our closets lent themselves to a wider selection of black and white than Native American attire, so the split was down the middle.  There's certainly something to be said for spicing up a family gathering by requiring random costume attire.  I guess that's why we sort of agreed to do it again.

By far the "Best Thanksgiving Ever" was awarded to the tailgate of 2001, the year I was 9 months pregnant with Samantha and the Illini went to the Sugar Bowl.  You see, that has been the only year in our lifetimes that Illinois has played football on Thanksgiving Day.  We took advantage of the opportunity and headed to Champaign for some sweet tailgating memories.  Deep fried turkey, college friends who show up bearing wild turkey (thanks Matt Hennenfent!) and Illini victory to secure a presence in a BCS Bowl.  Yep, best Thanksgiving ever.

What's your Best Thanksgiving Ever?  We always need a good idea for next year.

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